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Ugly America... Smacks of the most vile and despicable arrogance possible and a self-centeredness that is an underlying cause of the hatred that many of the people of the world have against this country. Bush's pathetic attempt to ascribe it to hatred of their way of life: is, in a way, true. It is not their freedoms-and-fancy-cars way of life but rather their invading, bombing and killing way of life that is the problem.

America is not one country but two continents, 39 countries and 850 million people. Yet the term has been usurped in a way that exemplifies its treatment not only of the people of North and South America but of the world at large. The term's use betrays arrogance and a ruthless attitude that demands and extracts special privileges enforced through the use of brute military power to acquire and control the world's resources.

Ugly America... Is an attitude that began with the birth of the country as the first white settlers claimed manifest destiny as the basis for slaughtering the native peoples and stealing their lands. It is an attitude that justified kidnapping Africans from their homes and treating them as slaves to be bought and traded as personal property. It is an attitude that grew with the expansion of capitalism beyond their borders as country after country was invaded and their people were subjugated, slaughtered, or starved (the new fad). It is an attitude that says that all is fair in the pursuit of profit, especially when one has the military might to make it so.

This is what "America" means and it does not speak well for the future "America" as envisioned by Bush and Co. That vision includes never-ending war against the people of the world under the guise of fighting terrorism.

The Bush and Company's vision constitutes a future where freedom and civil rights are ground under the boot heel of Homeland Security. It is a future where critical thought and any criticism of the government are labelled traitorous and where patriotism is mindless allegiance to a flag and the nations "leaders." It is a future in which country after country and people after people are subsumed to the capital interests of the U.S. and in which the United States military machine reigns supreme, meting out its own brand of justice to those who refuse to go along.

It is a future that holds no future for the people of the world.

America, Americans... You could be losing more than you have ever had!

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last updated: 06 July 2007
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